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School to Farm Workshops


Lake Village Homestead’s interactive workshops create a platform for learning about traditional agriculture and the natural world.


Farm visitors have the opportunity to milk a goat, feed and water animals, harvest chicken eggs, sow seeds, and explore pastures, forests and lake shore.


Children who are emotionally or physically engaged in these types of learning experiences develop personal connections to the land and to their own food.


The farm provides a dynamic living laboratory which aims to create positive transformations within schools and their associated communities.

Farm to School Workshops


If your school or community group can’t come to the farm, Lake Village Homestead will bring the farm to you!


We can bring animals such as chickens and goats for school functions and parties. We can provide horse-and-buggy or pony rides.


We facilitate seasonal activities such as cider making and can also supply you with our own free-range, antibiotic- and hormone-free meats, cheeses, and vegetables.


We will also help to set up an egg-incubation project in the classroom and to support the chicks once they have hatched.

School Farm to Table Program


In this food consciousness program, schoolchildren dine at a local restaurant on a healthily prepared meal that includes ingredients the students themselves chose while at Lake Village Homestead.

Children are encouraged to relate their farm and dining experiences back to medicine, math, ecology, chemistry, biology, fitness, social relationships, environment, and future jobs, as well as to their daily lives.

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