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Speaking Engagements
Roger Ulrich, Ph.D., is available for speaking engagements. Roger is an emeritus research professor of the Psychology Department at Western Michigan University, where he also served as the department head for several years.
Roger co-founded the Learning Village preschool and Lake Village Homestead, and has consulted on behavior and learning issues at schools throughout Kalamazoo.
He is a well-known advocate of the preservation of farmland and the natural environment.
Toward Living Well with Less, by Roger Ulrich


“This book is a compilation of articles that tell the background story of my own transitioning that led to a return to the deep roots of my Amish Mennonite heritage, which resulted in the ongoing living experiment at the Lake Village Homestead community.” Roger Ulrich


To buy a hard copy of the book, click the Buy Now PayPal button below.
Download the free pdf ebook version
Read an excerpt: I Am Human Conflict and Adaptation
Read an excerpt: Treating Food as a Friend
Tony Kaufman speaking at the 2014 Sustainability Conference, Pierce Cedar Creek Institute


Tony Kaufman has lived at Lake Village Homestead since 1991 and helps manage the farm.
He is a passionate proponent of experiential education and giving children opportunities to interact with nature.
Tony wrote the booklet The Simple Guide for staying fit and improving relations with Mother Earth.
Lake Village, a documentary film by Kalamazoo College senior Ryan Booms 


Lake Village, a documentary film by Kalamazoo College senior Ryan Booms, tells the incredible story of an intentional community in Kalamazoo. Founded in 1971, Lake Village was once a 'hippie commune' but is now a thriving farm cooperative. Originally inspired by B.F. Skinner's novel Walden Two, the farm is an ongoing experiment on how to cultivate community in harmony with the earth. Capturing feelings of nostalgia and pathos for our rural past while also offering a promising vision of the world's future, the film is a must-see for anyone passionate about eating local foods and fostering community.” Muskegon Film Festival, 2009
More Short Videos and a Radio Interview on our Youtube channel


Watch some short videos uploaded to Youtube by Lake Village Homestead:
Typical spring views on the farm, Barnyard smorgasbord, Calf born, Piglets nursing, Lobo protecting dinner, and School Farm Experience at Lake Village.
Also, listen to a short interview with Tony Kaufman by Michigan Business Network Radio.
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