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Lake Village Homestead offers a variety of opportunities to live on the farm for all persons, regardless of age, gender, religion, nationality, or sexual orientation.

All individuals living at the farm consider themselves servants of the land. A life rooted in respect for the environment and living well with less is at the core of our farm philosophy.

The farm is sustained on a day-to-day basis by some individuals who live and work there, while others live on the farm and also work elsewhere. Everyone helps with chores and general homestead maintenance, and participates in some fashion in the farm’s overall well-being.

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All members contribute a monthly share based on individual and family needs: number of people, pets, cars, and space needed. Workers’ past experiences and abilities are taken into consideration when determining the monthly share.

Everyone has access to washing facilities, basketball court, gardening plots, beach area for boating and swimming, trails for hiking and horseback riding, a community center, and above all healthy food.

Since 1971, over 400 people have lived and worked at different times at Lake Village Homestead.


On becoming a member of Lake Village Homestead, people acknowledge a willingness to commit to “agriculture that supports the community,” thus promoting the preservation of farmland and the generations of farmers needed to raise the healthy food necessary for our communitys survival.

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